Winter Feet Tips

With winter upon us check out these foot tips to keep your feet well.

  1.  Choose appropriate winter footwear
    It's important to choose proper winter footwear that keeps your feet warm, dry and protected. Warm footwear with proper grip for the conditions underfoot. 
  2. Cover your feet with proper socks
    It’s best to choose breathable socks that will keep your feet both warm and dry. Wool or other moisture-wicking socks can help control foot sweat that can make your feet freeze.
  3. Take off wet shoes and socks straight away
    Keeping them on leaves your feet susceptible to fungal and bacterial infections. You should also make sure that shoes are thoroughly dry before wearing them again. If they're not fully dry, choose a new pair to help keep your feet fresh and dry.
  4. Use hydrating footcream
    Skin tends to dry out during the cold months when dry air and heaters zap moisture from the body. Avoid corns, calluses and cracked heels by keeping your feet properly moisturized with good quality foot creams.
  5. Keep exercising during the cold winter months
    It can be hard to brave the elements in the next few months. Sitting around can lead to ankle swelling and circulation problems. Get out for exercise when you can or do some indoor activity that gets the blood pumping. 
  6.  Take a toenail polish break
    Going polish-free allows the nails to better soak up creams and lotions, and not using polish remover for extended periods of time will help fight against nail dryness. Meanwhile, if you use nail lacquers that contain yellowing agents like formaldehyde, going polish-free will allow the discolored nail to grow out so you’ll be perfectly ready for summertime.