Summer Foot Health

The summer is here! There's nothing like walking bare-foot on a sandy beach. Most of us will be doing this at home here in Ireland on colder beaches than we may have been used to but probably way more scenic. The Wild Atlantic Way starts (or ends?) in Donegal and Donegal is home to 25% of Ireland's beaches. What a boast! The following tips will help keep your feet health this summer. 

Don't forget the sunscreen - the tops of bare feet (like the top of our heads and our shoulders) are at risk of the damaging effects of harmful UV sun rays, so remember to put lots of sun cream on the tops and soles of feet when you are out in the sun and re-apply frequently if it isn’t a once-only application sunscreen or after swimming.

Summer footwear - In the summer, many of us like to wear sandals or flip-flops. However, flip-flops and some types of sandals have no heel or arch support and expose our skin to the elements, putting the structure of the feet under greater stress. This can lead to pain and the risk of dry, cracked heels. It’s best therefore not to wear this style of footwear all the time, so try alternating your footwear. To treat cracked heels, use a good quality cream which contains clinical grade urea.

Diabetic foot care - If you have diabetes, it is even more important to be especially careful in the summer. If you know that you have numbness from peripheral neuropathy (or even if you don’t know), take care not to tread on stones or get blisters from wearing summer footwear without socks. Check your feet every day to make sure you don’t have any cuts or abrasions. Try and avoid walking around barefoot, and if you do get a wound clean it and put a dressing on it, and if it isn’t healing after 3-4 days have it checked.

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